Citas Regal Prfection AKA Legs
2005 Bay Homozygous Stallion
Grandson of Citas Slidin Leo
Sired by the Citas Bueno Suerte mentioned at the bottom of the page
In Training October 2007

"After having such a wonderful experience with the 2 year old Stud we purchased from Brett and Lisha that Brett trained there was NO ONE else in the world that we wanted to touch any of our horses but Brett. We CERTAINLY made the right choice without a doubt!

We had our up and coming 3 year old stud "Legs" as well as a new up and coming 3 year old stud we purchased, "Badger", that needed training. As young studs are they were feeling their hormones kicking in and were quite unruly and hard to handle. So it was time to send them to the trainer, "Brett Fitzpatrick".

Let me tell you... those studs came back as docile as a mare. They were full of manners and responded to anything they were asked to do! If I didn't know they were our studs I would have sworn Brett switched horses on us. At 4 months of training Brett was riding Legs without a bridle or saddle. A two year old stud... no bridle... no saddle... and he is doing everything he is asked to do instantly? INCREDIBLE!

I will give you an example of the training that Brett put into these 2 studs to illustrate what an AWESOME trainer he is. Today, June 9, 2008 my husband looked outside and saw that the 2 stallions and all the mares were in the same corral. We had a Cougar come through our place and the horses busted through all the gates in 3 different corrals to escape him. Thus they were all in one corral instead of widely separated in their own corrals.

As my husband and I headed out there the stallions were fighting. I was in a sheer panic thinking that these two stallions would fight to the death over their mares. I didn't know what we were going to do. I mean... how the heck do you separate and get a hold of two fighting stallions in amongst 6 mares?

But my Husband did EXACTLY what Brett had told him to do and exactly what Brett had trained the stallions to do. He walked out in the corral with his training stick. He calmly walked up to Badger and pointed the stick at him and told him "Back". Badger instantly responded and moved into the next corral and STAYED there just as he was trained to do by Brett! He did not even attempt to come back into the corral with Legs and the mares. My husband was able to get the mangled gate shut without Badger coming near him at all.

To make a long story short, my husband fixed the gates and separated all the horses back to where they were supposed to be. He easily was able to catch and remove the mares from Legs by telling Legs "Back" as well. Legs backed off into a corner and allowed Rick to get whomever he wanted and to remove that mare from the corral without budging an inch.

To be perfectly honest with you I'm still in a state of shock. I had pictured 2 dead or at the very least very injured stallions. I just KNEW that there was no way we would be able to separate them. But thanks to Brett this was all easily done without one solitary problem!

I don't know what he does or how he does it. I just KNOW that he knows what he is doing. I have several up and coming 2 year old fillies that need training and there will be NO other trainer but Brett who will train any horse that I own or will ever own. Brett Fitzpatrick is the BEST!!!"

Pam Pole - Regal Paints

"Just thought I would tell you what we have been up to. I have been taking JP up in the mountains. We are now going off trail into some beautiful places but some steep places. JP is doing just great!

He loves to jump over the blow downs. Yesterday (Sunday) a grouse just about flew into us-JP was more concerned about the green clump of grass he was standing by-he didn't even twitch.

He is almost 16 hands tall now and has filled out beautifully. He is such a blessing. We were working in an arena with two other people and their horses - JP was off line he stuck with me and did not leave me. He is jumping over barrels on cue.

Brett - I can't thank you enough for giving me a horse trained on a great system. You gave JP a great foundation to go on and for that I will always be so grateful. We are having so much fun!!!"

Sherry Welty
Plains, Mt.

"I appreciate a person that can control, yet not hurt a horse. Brett Fitzpatrick is able to use his calm, methodical techniques to produce a very rideable horse. The horse is exposed to many different situations (more specific situations, I'm sure, upon request) that might spook a lesser-trained horse.

The fact that the horse is quite bonded to the trainer rather than afraid of the trainer at the end of the session is proof enough of the gentle technique. Additionally, the amount of training for a given period of time seems well beyond most people's expectations. The horse also has a role in the final training. No broncs allowed! We plan on Brett training our 3 year old, even though it's a 19 hour drive to get there."

Stephen Viltrakis, M.D.

Citas Bueno Suerte
2001 Sorrel Tobiano Stallion
Son of Citas Slidin Leo

"I purchased a Green Broke 2 year old Stallion, Citas Bueno Suerte, for our breeding program from Lisha and Brett Fitzpatrick. Though I had horses most of my life I had never owned a Stud before. Lisha and Brett took the time to explain what is involved in owning a Stud and cautioned me on their unpredictability especially during breeding season.

The foundation training that Brett put on this Stud is OUTSTANDING! We used him for breeding for the first time when he was 3 years old. Due to the fact that this was my first year breeding and I was a bit nervous I chose to pasture breed. I was able to walk out into the pasture at any time and catch Tank with the greatest of ease. Tank was responsive to me and as gentle as a lamb when taking him away from his mare in heat.

Our Farrier came out and trimmed his feet during this time and stated "I am 68 years old and have never seen a stallion so well mannered, especially a young stallion in all my 50 years of shoeing. He has obviously had excellent training." I might mention that we had to bring a mare that was in heat into the barn where Tank was being trimmed because she was going crazy being away from him. Yet Tank stood there like a perfect gentleman.

Should I ever need a Stud trained in the future I would have no one but Brett do the training. Thank you Brett and Lisha for making my first Stallion owning experience a trouble free one."

Pam Pole - Regal Paints

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