Brett Fitzpatrick has had a love for horses from an early age. He's been riding horses his whole life with his dad, Tom Fitzpatrick, running their own cattle as well as working on various other cattle ranches. Brett has studied many techniques on horses and uses different methods learned from many great trainers, to develop his own unique style of training.

Brett has a quiet, gentle mannerism that lets a horse bond with him. Brett lets a horse advance at it's own level. They are not required to do more than they are capable of doing in a session. This, he believes, builds confidence in the horse. And a horse who is confident within itself, as well as the trainer, becomes a better horse.

The horses Brett trains are exposed to many different obstacles a horse may encounter in his lifetime, as well as many miles of riding. Brett believes that with a good foundation, a horse can have a good career in whatever field the owner chooses for the horse.

Corrective training, Continual training or 2 and 3 year olds: $700 per month.
2 year olds- $1,050 for 45 days. I like to put 45 days on them, turn them out and bring back for another 30 or 45 days.
3 year olds- $1,400 for minimum of 60 days. If you take home in less, $750 per month.
4 and 5 year olds- $1,500 for minimum of 60 days. If you take home in less, $800 per month.
6 years and up or Stallions - $800 per month.
The reason I charge more for older horses is because itís harder on the horse, me as an individual, my tack and facilities.
A deposit of $400 or half is required when horse is delivered.
The balance paid at the end of each month (or 30 day training period) until training session on said horse is fulfilled.

Discounts are offered for multiple month schedules.

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We have added on and improved our facilities with a new covered indoor training facility. It is complete with a viewing area which will accommodate our clients with comfort while viewing the progress of their horses in training.

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