"I recently purchased a 2004 paint filly, Cita's Senorita a.k.a Reba, from Brett and Elisha. This filly was my first purchase of a horse sight unseen and have been completely pleased with the experience. They were both very willing to talk to me about the filly before and after the purchase."

"They were also very willing to work with the horse transportation company I chose. I live in Jacksonville, Florida and am patiently waiting their crop of foals in 2006 so I can look at another purchase."

Bryan Anderson
Jacksonville, FL

"We purchased our sweet little Biscuit from Lisha and Brett Fitzpatrick only a couple weeks ago. We already can't imagine our lives without her. We saw her on the Internet, fell in love at first sight, made a fast decision and asked them to hold her so we could come up and get her."

"We traveled several hours to see her. I was very uneasy about just saying I would take a filly at only four months of age basically sight unseen. But she was even better in person than in her photos."

"We were so impressed with the Fitzpatrick's loving care of her and all their horses. Their place was spotless as was Biscuit."

"We loaded her up and drove her 6 hours to our home. I have to say, I never dreamed a filly could be this smart and this loving at such a young age. She is halter broke, leads and trailers, lets me mess with her feet and every other part of her body. I have already started her on some fun training games and she can do everything the older horses can do."

"If this is what imprint training does then we will be back in the future to the Fitzpatricks the next time I am in the market for another horse."

"Thank you for everything and for your loving care of Biscuit the first four months of her life."


Trish, Tom and Colton Brodock
Belt, MT

"I have had the great opportunity to own this mare. Slidin Miss Kitty (Barn name is Bailey) has won her first APHA PAC Program Award in Western Pleasure as a two-year-old. She is two points away from her second APHA PAC Program Award. She also will be on the top 10 list for Western Pleasure PAC. As of February 27, 2007 she has 30, 2007 Western Pleasure points in two shows."

"In June 2008, we hopefully will be taking this mare to the APHA Worlds to compete in Jr. Trail and Bridleless Western Pleasure (I have to talk the trainer into that one). We are amazed daily at how smart this mare is, with the athleticism that is getting her noticed in EVERY show. People at every show stop us and comment on her and ask me where did I get her from."

Julie Daniels
Kent, WA

"A year ago I was in the market for a paint filly. I knew what I was looking for in my next horse. Brett and Lisha listened to me and my horse needs. They were honest enough to say that the horse I drove out to look at wasn't what I had just described to them in my next horse. Instead they only showed me horses that would fit my needs."

"I can't imagine my life without SLIDIN MISS KITTY, which I purchased at one month of age. She is truly everything they said she was and more. Every horse show, people stop and ask me where I got her and compliment her, including the judges. They also are eager to see her next show season under saddle."

"I value and respect the Fitzpatricks for their honesty, integrity and their horses. I also value them as a friend."

Julie Daniels
Kent, WA

Slidin Miss Kitty AKA "Bailey" finished out the 2007 Show Year as NUMBER 1 in the 2007 Six PAC Top Five, #1 PAC Western Pleasure, #1 PAC Trail and #8 PAC Halter. According to the research that Julie has done Slidin Miss Kitty is the VERY FIRST 3 YEAR OLD to ever have been awarded the NUMBER 1 Six PAC Top Five Award.

She completed the 2008 Show Year even better. She was NUMBER 1 in the 2008 Six PAC Top Five, Number 1 PAC Trail, Number 1 PAC English Pleasure, Number 3 PAC Western Pleasure, Number 4 PAC Walk/Trot, Number 3 PAC Color Class, Number 2 PAC Halter, Number 2 PAC Showmanship and Number 6 PAC Western Riding.

2009 is proving to be another great year for Bailey. As of 7-13-2009 she is Number 1 2009 in the Six PAC Top Five, Number 1 2009 PAC Western Pleasure, Number 1 2009 PAC Walk/Trot, Number 1 2009 PAC English Pleasure, Number 2 2009 PAC Trail, Number 2 2009 PAC Showmanship, Number 4 2009 PAC Halter and Number 7 2009 PAC Color Class. Bailey is 201 Points ahead of her nearest competitor in the Six PAC Top Five.

Bailey has a PAC Certificate of Recognition in Halter, English Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Trail, Walk/Trot, Color Class, Showmanship and Equitation. She has PAC Certificate of Achievement in Halter, English Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Trail, Walk/Trot and Showmanship.

As of 7-13-2009 Slidin Miss Kitty has a lifetime total of 2,623 Performance Points and 348 lifetime Halter Points. Bailey has 936 Western Pleasure Points, 761 Walk/Trot Points, 341 English Pleasure Points, 348 Halter Points, 283 Trail Points, 257 Showmanship Points, 55 Color Class Points, 27 Equitation Points, 17 Western Riding Points, 5 Showmanship at Halter Points and 1 Working Cowhorse Point. She has won 8 PAC Grand Championships and 1 PAC Reserve Grandchampionship.

In addition Bailey is setting more records in the 1990-2008 PAC Lifetime Credit Leaders List. She is currently #1 in Lifetime PAC Walk/Trot, #1 Lifetime PAC Trail, #3 Lifetime PAC Western Pleasure, #4 Lifetime PAC Showmanship, #12 Lifetime PAC English Pleasure, #13 Lifetime PAC Western Riding and #16 Lifetime PAC Halter Point Leader.

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