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Supersonic was listed on the list of "Specialized Special New Leading Goose Enterprises"


On February 23, 2023, the "2022 Lingnan Good Enterprise" press conference was successfully held in Guangzhou, and Supersonic was awarded the title of "Specialized Special New Leading Goose Enterprise" ; list. More than 500 people from all over the province, including representatives of entrepreneurs, representatives of "heads" of specialized, specialized and new enterprises, and representatives of small and medium-sized enterprise service agencies, attended the meeting to discuss the new future of specialized, specialized and new development of small and medium-sized enterprises.



"2022 Lingnan Good Enterprise" was released in a big way to commend enterprises with outstanding performance in specialization, specialization and new development. Supersonic will be recognized as a specialized and special new enterprise in Guangdong Province in 2021, and as a national specialized and special new small giant enterprise in 2022. The listing this time is the recognition of the company's technology research and development capabilities and innovation capabilities from all walks of life. , It is also the recognition of the company's specialization, refinement, specialization and novelty, which will have a positive impact on the company's overall business development.

Supersonic Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 833753) was established in July 2010 and is located in Huachuang Industrial Park, Panyu, Guangzhou, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on AI+ machine vision intelligent equipment. More than 800 patents and more than 200 software copyrights have been applied for. A member unit of the lithium-ion battery safety standard working group of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, focusing on the new energy intelligent manufacturing industry for more than ten years, providing customers in lithium battery, hydrogen energy, photovoltaic, semiconductor and other industries with complete solutions based on AI+ machine vision intelligent equipment and systems to help customers Improve production and quality inspection efficiency, reduce costs and quality loss. The company's independent research and development products have been widely used in the industry, and the first-line customers are fully covered.

Supersonic was successively rated as "Top 100 Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in China's Science and Technology Innovation", "National Specialized Special New Small Giant Enterprise", "National High-tech Enterprise", "Guangdong Province Machine Vision Engineering Technology Research Center", "Guangdong Province Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise ", "Innovative Pilot Enterprises in Guangdong Province", "Guangzhou Enterprise Research and Development Institutions", "Guangzhou Intellectual Property Powerful Enterprises", "Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Task Unveiling Enterprises", "Guangzhou Top 100 Enterprises to be Listed"< /span>, "Guangzhou Hidden Champion Enterprise", "Guangzhou Yangcheng Craftsman Cup", etc. , passedISO9001Quality Management System, ISO14001Environmental management system,OHSAS18001health and safety management system certification, won the fourth consecutive China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Awards, and the establishment of Guangzhou Science and Technology Commissioner Workstation. The size of the company's personnel is close to400people, the core R&D team includes more than 2200 people, the company's executives are all from well-known international companies, and it is a professional manufacturer of lithium batteries in ChinaAI+The earliest and most dedicated company in machine vision intelligent equipment.

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