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Congratulations on the complete success of the Supersonic B+ round financing signing ceremony and strategic product launch conference


       On July 20, 2022, the Guangzhou Supersonic B+ round financing signing ceremony and strategic product launch conference were held in Panyu, Guangzhou.

       Since its establishment, Supersonic has been focusing on the pain points of the lithium battery manufacturing industry, focusing on the leading AI+ machine vision technology and product research and development in the field of lithium battery testing, overcoming obstacles all the way, defying hardships and dangers, and being proactive. In the past two years, the compound growth rate of the company's main business income has exceeded 60%.

       This round of financing for Supersonic has attracted the attention of many investment institutions. Equity Investment Fund Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Zhongguang Zhaoyou No. 1 Equity Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership), Gui'an New District Kunpeng No. 1 Private Equity Investment Fund Partnership (Limited Partnership), Shenzhen Danguishun Asset Management Co., Ltd., Guangzhou City Jiahao Information Technology Co., Ltd. and other five investment institutions have reached a strategic financing cooperation.

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       Mr. Zhang Junfeng, chairman of Supersonic, first made a speech on behalf of Supersonic. Mr. Zhang introduced the business layout and development history of Supersonic to the guests, and introduced this strategic financing partner. Mr. Zhang introduced that Supersonic is based on "AI + machine vision" technology as the core, and provides intelligent equipment and system solutions based on machine vision for the lithium battery, hydrogen energy and semiconductor industries. In 2022, the company has completed the prototype for MEMS chip packaging defect detection. In the future, in addition to continuing to deepen the lithium battery and hydrogen energy industries, it will extend the defect detection of semiconductor industries such as MEMS chips, IC packaging and testing, and wafer inspection. The reason why Supersonic is able to cover all front-line customers in the industry and gain industry recognition is mainly due to the company's first-class AI detection capabilities. The company has established a strong AI R&D team and built an efficient deep learning algorithm and data preprocessing platform. , low-cost and high-performance computing power platform and self-developed efficient labeling system. The AI+ visual inspection project has been fully implemented in the field of lithium battery inspection.

       After the signing of this strategic financing, we will form a new situation of strong alliance, mutual benefit, and coordinated development. Immediately afterwards, Mr. Zhang shared the 12-year history of Supersonic, and the unchanging original intention of starting a business. He thanked the comrades who were in the same boat for joining Supersonic, thanked like-minded partners for helping Supersonic, and more investors who worked together for their trust and choice. Supersonic - It is because of everyone's support and great help that Supersonic can go to today and achieve such remarkable achievements and glory today. Supersonic will unite and fight side by side with all investment partners. Integrity and pragmatism, step by step, and move forward together.

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       The achievement of this strategic financing cooperation marks that Supersonic has entered the next stage of rapid development. With high morale, we are striving for beautiful and splendid chapters! I believe that with the hard work of every supersonic person, the future of supersonic will be even more brilliant!


       Guangzhou Supersonic Automation Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 833753) was established in July 2010 and is located in Shiji Huachuang Industrial Park, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It is a company focusing on AI+ machine vision intelligent equipment national high-tech enterprise. More than 600 patents and more than 100 software copyrights have been applied for. A member unit of the lithium-ion battery safety standard working group of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, focusing on the lithium battery intelligent manufacturing industry for 12 years, providing customers such as lithium battery factories and equipment factories with complete solutions based on AI+ machine vision intelligent equipment and systems, helping customers improve production and quality Improve inspection efficiency, reduce cost and quality loss. The company's independent research and development products have been widely used in the industry, and the first-line customers are fully covered.

       Susonic was rated as "Top 100 Chinese Science and Technology Innovation SMEs" in 2015. In the same year, it passed the IS09001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, and OHSAS18001 health and safety management system certification. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Awards, recognized as "Guangdong Province Specialized and Special New Small and Medium-sized Enterprises", "Guangdong Province Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise", "Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Task Unveiling Enterprise", "Guangzhou Hidden Champion Enterprise", "Guangdong Province Machine Vision Enterprise" Engineering Technology Research Center", "Guangzhou Enterprise Research and Development Organization", "Guangdong Province Innovative Pilot Enterprise", and "Guangdong Province Contract-abiding and Credit-honoring Enterprise", etc., and set up the Guangzhou Science and Technology Commissioner Workstation. The company has more than 300 employees, and the core R&D team includes nearly 100 people including professors, doctors and masters. The company's executives are all from internationally renowned companies. It is the earliest and most dedicated company in China that specializes in lithium battery AI+ machine vision intelligent equipment.

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