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The vice chairman of the Guangzhou Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference and the deputy head of Panyu District visited Supersonic for research and guidance


Recently, Wang Guilin, vice chairman of the Guangzhou CPPCC and director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, and Xia Jian, deputy head of Panyu District, visited Supersonic for research and guidance.

Accompanied by Mr. Zhang Junfeng, chairman of Supersonic, government leaders at all levels visited the company's R&D area, optical laboratory, production workshop, office space, etc. During the visit, Mr. Zhang introduced a variety of lithium battery visual inspection equipment independently developed by Supersonic, and explained its working principle and performance advantages. Fully affirmed. Mr. Zhang also reported to the leaders at all levels the situation of the enterprise's operation, technological innovation and future development direction of the enterprise. Vice Chairman Wang earnestly inquired about the difficulties and urgent needs encountered by the company in its development, listened to and collected opinions and suggestions from enterprises on the formulation and implementation of science and technology policies of governments at all levels, and pointed out that various technologies will be continuously improved according to the situation reflected by enterprises Develop supportive policies to fuel the scientific and technological innovation of enterprises.

Finally, Vice Chairman Wang and leaders at all levels encouraged our company to actively innovate, respond to the call of the country to implement the innovation-driven high-quality development strategy, and continuously improve the competitiveness of enterprises. With the encouragement and support of government leaders at all levels, Supersonic will also increase the intensity of scientific and technological innovation, stay true to its original intention and forge ahead.

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