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CIBF2018 13th China International Battery Technology Exchange/Exhibition Invitation Letter


In recent years, thanks to the rapid growth of demand for new energy (electric) vehicles and energy storage, my country's lithium battery industry, especially power lithium battery industry, has ushered in an explosive period of development, and the long-term prospects of the industry are optimistic by all parties. According to the statistical analysis of the China Chemical and Physical Power Supply Industry Association, the sales revenue of lithium-ion batteries in China reached 158.9 billion yuan in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 19.5% compared with 133 billion yuan in 2016. The output of lithium-ion batteries increased from 87.3 billion watt-hours to 100.9 billion watt-hours, a year-on-year increase of 15.6%.

The 13th China International Battery Technology Exchange/Exhibition (abbreviation: CIBF2018) will continue the good momentum of the past and will open again in Shenzhen from May 22 to 24, 2018. Supersonic will lead a delegation to participate in the exhibition, and the booth number is 4T043 ( The fourth exhibition hall), the exhibiting products are lithium battery visual inspection system products with completely independent intellectual property rights, one-button visual measuring instrument, supersonic sincerely invites friends from all walks of life to come to the supersonic booth for on-site communication and negotiation!

The CIBF2018 exhibition will focus on displaying global 3C batteries, power batteries, energy storage batteries, various battery materials, manufacturing equipment and system solutions, especially focusing on the development of various new energy buses, passenger cars and logistics vehicles in my country in the past two years A series of achievements in the field of power batteries. The CIBF2018 technical exchange conference will continue to focus on the latest developments in AC power batteries, energy storage batteries and various materials with the theme of "Power Batteries and Energy Storage Batteries". The latest technology and application progress of energy batteries have invited well-known domestic and foreign scholars and technical experts from famous battery companies to discuss battery plans with professionals.

At that time, senior experts from academic institutions such as China Electronics Technology Group, the National Key Research and Development Program New Energy Vehicle Key Special Expert Group, Tsinghua University, Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Waseda University, Bordeaux University, and Brookhaven Laboratory (BNL) of the US Department of Energy With scholars; Samsung SDI, Ningde Times, Tianjin Lishen Battery and other well-known battery company representatives, a total of more than 60 speakers, will share with you the latest progress in new battery technology and new materials, and look forward to the future of the battery industry.

Guangzhou Supersonic Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has core technologies with high thresholds in the industry, and invests more cost and manpower in research and development to quickly and professionally respond to the ever-changing needs of customers. At present, Supersonic has a team of nearly 100 people, including more than 30 technical backbones led by several doctors and professors. At present, Supersonic has 117 national invention patents and utility model patents (81 of which have been authorized), 54 software copyright authorizations, and 17 products have passed the certification of "Guangdong High-tech Products" and won the Excellent Enterprise of China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition , the title of China's top 100 technologically innovative SMEs, etc.

Supersonic, not only fast, but also more accurate!

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