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  • Performance is superior to qualifications, ability is superior to education
    Performance is superior to qualifications, ability is superior to education

    In today's society, the most important factor determining the development of enterprises is not capital, not technology, not system, but people's high sense of responsibility. Talent is the most valuable wealth of the enterprise, is to maintain the link of the enterprise, is the soul of the company. The company believes in the people-oriented management concept, attaches great importance to the development and training of talents, and tries to create various conditions for the growth of talents, so as to retain people with the cause, development and culture. By giving full play to the talents of employees, the enterprise can develop and grow, and the value of employees can be repaid through the development and growth of the enterprise.

    The company adheres to the principle of "a horse does not look like a horse", and takes "performance is superior to qualifications, ability is superior to education" and "both virtue and ability" as the hiring criteria to encourage employees to display their talents.

  • A man is long, but a man is short
    A man is long, but a man is short

    We firmly believe that talent is the real power of enterprise development, employees are our wings to take off, we are the stage for employees to show, employees and our lips and teeth interdependent, only for common development. Therefore, we advocate the people-oriented management thought and implement the people-oriented management policy. We put forward the following propositions: "The operation of an enterprise is the operation of talents; The so-called competition in the industry is the competition for talents. Formulated the modern enterprise human resource management concept of "people-oriented, talent resource, dynamic talent". Only able, merit-based, learn to apply, all-round development. In line with the principle of "employ long, tolerate short", for each employee to find the most suitable position, but also for each position to seek the most suitable staff.

  • Make the best use of your talents
    Make the best use of your talents

    Strengthen training and learning. Provide training and learning opportunities for employees, and take the road of learning enterprise development. To develop, an enterprise must constantly improve the overall quality of its employees. The company put forward the slogan "Training is the biggest benefit for employees, and development is the best return for employees", actively created good learning and training conditions, conducted planned training for its employees, fully explored the potential of employees and promoted the growth of talents. Make the best use of your talents. Enterprises at any time to receive reasonable suggestions from employees, enterprises and employees interaction, the formation of enterprises to treat employees, employees love the good atmosphere of the enterprise. Create a combination of standardized management and humanistic management environment and atmosphere, through various ways to cultivate employees' sense of honor, stimulate work enthusiasm.

  • Put people first
    Put people first

    Adhere to the principle of "respect people, trust people, understand people", so that employees feel that they can develop here. Under the influence of the "people-oriented" corporate culture, we encourage every employee to "self-improvement, self-reliance, love factory dedication, pioneering and enterprising, collaboration and dedication", so that the heart of all employees and the enterprise closely together, to create greater value for the enterprise and the society.

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