Fuel cell coating defect CCD detection equipment


Brief description of equipment functions:

This equipment adopts a set of 8K linear array CCD visual inspection system to detect common detectable defects. The system uses a high-resolution linear array industrial camera, triggers the camera to scan through the pulse signal sent by the main drive servo, collects the diaphragm image information in real time, searches for each edge through the high-precision visual edge search algorithm of the software, and determines the detection area through the edge. Defect location, defect classification, and output of defect results. When there is a defect, it will automatically alarm or stop processing, and has the marking function.

Equipment Features:

· Detection speed: ≤10m/min

· Detection width: ≤500mm

· Field of view for taking photos: 600mm

· Resolution: 0.073mm/pix

· Defect detection accuracy: ±0.5mm*0.5mm (compared to standard film board)

· Applicable model products:

· · Coating process: continuous coating, intermittent coating

· · Defect detection: defects such as leaking substrates, streaks, spots, particles, tapes, etc., gray scale difference ≥ 30.

· The equipment has fault alarm function

· Independent control system, man-machine interface operation, abnormal switch setting.

Installation environment requirements:

· Power supply voltage: 220VAC, 50Hz; operation control circuit: DC24V

· Ambient temperature: room temperature +10°~+45°

· Relative humidity: ≯50%, no condensation, no corrosive, flammable gas

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