Power battery connector welding detection system



· Online real-time detection, embedded in the existing pack production line;

· 3D+2D dual information synthesis, various welding defects and size inspection;

· 3D point cloud engine standard and training, using AI artificial intelligence algorithm for all-round 360-degree appearance inspection without dead angle;


· Weld spacing: accuracy ±0.03mm

· The length of the whole welding print: accuracy ± 0.03mm

· Melting width: accuracy ±0.03mm

· Breaking point: accuracy ≥ 99.95%

· Lack of welding and missing welding: accuracy rate ≥99.95%

· Defective products are misjudged as good products: 0%

· Misjudgment of a good product as a defective product: ≤0.1%

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