Independent wide CCD re-inspection machine



· Rewinding function: The operator can rewind the tape at a low speed according to the set speed during operations such as loading and unloading or tape connection;

· Clip-type loading and unloading mechanism: The winding and unwinding mechanism can be loosened and clamped with one key during loading and unloading operations, which is convenient for operators to load and unload.

· Alarm function: the equipment has automatic shutdown alarm for overload, no material and broken belt;

· Safety function: The electric control cabinet is equipped with sensors, and the equipment will stop and alarm when the door is opened to prevent personal injury accidents; the CCD hardware is equipped with a protective cover to prevent strong light damage and external damage;


· When the equipment is rewinding, the coating quality and width of the pole piece (positive electrode/negative pole) are detected online, and the label of the bad product in the previous process is identified; the image data of the surface of the pole piece is collected by the CCD camera module, and the processing module receives and processes the acquisition Image data, judge whether the surface of the pole piece meets the preset setting, and label the bad pole piece

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