Roller press CCD detection system


Inspection and Calibration

· Spot check and calibration: Remind the spot check at the set time, if the check is not passed or the machine is locked if the check is not overtime.

· Defect spot inspection: Black dot film is used for spot inspection, which is pasted on the roller shaft.

· Size inspection: Black rectangular film is used for inspection, and the inspection sheet is pasted on the roller.

Automatic GRR

· According to the nested GRR mode, automatic GRR is developed. The software selects the automatic GRR mode, and after the data is collected, the CVS file is automatically generated.

Fool-proof function

· The CCD detection is not running, and the slitter cannot run.

· The software monitors key steps, and if there is any abnormality, it will alarm and stop.

· Key parameter changes are recorded in log files.

· After changing the material, the membrane roll number must be changed; if it is not changed under special circumstances, the advanced authority must be enabled.

· If there are more than 3 bad products in a row, the alarm prompts the staff to confirm the condition of the pole piece and check whether the CCD lens is contaminated.

· If the marking is abnormal, it will alarm and stop and prompt.

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