Coated CCD detection system




Detection speed:


Detection width:



0.024mm/pix (horizontal); 0.048mm/pulse (vertical)

Dimensional detection accuracy:


Defect Detection Accuracy:


Detect the number of single-sided strips:

≤4 pieces

Overkill/missing rate:

Misjudgment: 0%, Misjudgment: ≤0.1% GRR≤10% (standard tolerance is ±0.6mm)

The gray scale deviation of defects and coating film needs to meet ≥30

Equipment Dimensions:

Compatible device manufacturers

Inspection content: width, alignment, defects

1) Coating width:

Wet material, dry material (full width, AB surface coating width, blank width, ceramic width)

2) Alignment:

Measure the alignment of the AB side at the station of the A side dry material and the B side wet material.

3) Defect detection:

Dirt, surface damage, scratches, streaks, bubbles, leaking metal.

Applicable process:

Extrusion, transfer, gravure

1) Coating process:

Continuous coating, stripe coating, intermittent coating and intermittent stripe coating.

2) Product process:

Compatible with AT9 and concave board

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