After film AOI


· Precise numerically controlled integral surface RGB shadowless light source, fully imported industrial CCD and lens with tens of millions of pixels

· Highly integrated equipment structure, easy installation, stable system, simple operation & maintenance

· Online detection, seamless connection with production line MES

· Using the high chromaticity restoration algorithm, it can truly restore the color of the cell, and accurately distinguish the color difference between different cells or the color difference within the same cell, so as to perform high-precision sorting


Camera resolution


Equipment size


Applicable Wafer Size

156*156~166*166 mm

Applicable Wafer Type

Monocrystalline, polycrystalline, diamond wire monocrystalline, polycrystalline, PERC cells

Maximum capacity


Pixel Accuracy


Detection accuracy<0.09mm



False positive rate<0.5%

Missed rate


ProjectQuality Degradation CriteriaDetection Capability Requirements
ScratchL<1.5mm、W<1mmL≥1mm、W≥0.5mm Detectable

S≥0.3mm? Detectable

Chromatic aberration

Obvious whitening, yellowing, and redness are not allowed when viewed from a distance of 50cm

Partial (S≥2mm?) redness, yellowness, whiteness, greenness, etc. can be detected
PigmentationS≤4mm?S≥0.3mm? Detected
Little white dotS≤4mm?S≥0.3mm? Detectable
WatermarkS≤5mm?S≥0.3mm? Detectable
CrackNot allowedDetectable with naked eye
FingerprintsNot allowedS≥1mm? Detectable
NotchNot allowedS≥0.2mm? Detectable
Chipping, notchL<1.5mm、H<0.5mm、S≤4mm?L≥1.5mm、H≥0.5mm、S≥2mm? Detectable

Imaging effect


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