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Back-end detection equipment: power battery module Busbar detection machine

· Efficient 3D to 2D technology, fast orthographic matching algorithm, cleverly solve the problem that 3D point cloud cannot be applied to high-speed detection scenes.

· Simultaneously use 2D area array and 3D line-scan cameras to perform key point registration on the two data to make up for the respective blind spot data of 3D and 2D. Use deep learning 4-channel network to make full use of data that 2D does not have.

· Developed supersonic 2D and 3D operator libraries. 2D has Cys2DFilter, Cys2DMetrology, 3D operator library has Cys3DReconstruction, Cys3DMultiView.

· The specific core algorithm includes a dynamic threshold to locate the precise defect height position, and a three-dimensional fast algorithm for converting Cartesian coordinates to polar coordinates. Expand defect pictures


Product inspection equipment: battery product appearance inspection

· Five-axis linkage photometric stereo: a model covering the surface defects of all series of consumer batteries, the industry's first product level CCD detection equipment:

· Five-axis linkage multi-station multi-angle photography solves the problem of dead corners, minimizes travel design and effectively improves detection efficiency;

· Small machine, small footprint, low cost;

· High product compatibility, full coverage of mainstream consumer batteries;


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